Focus and Discipline

Your Winning Game Plan: Focus and Discipline

Cat looking up, focused.

Focus and discipline are two essential skills for the advanced assistant. The role is progressively more demanding, and we are challenged by keeping track of obligations, project follow-up, attending to details, and future planning all while practicing work/life integration.  With all the daily distractions in both our professional and personal lives, how do we productively stay focused and what are the elements of workplace discipline? Discipline does not always imply following orders. Discipline in the world of the assistant means we are able to think on our feet; we are able to solve problems sensibly and recognize the value of planning and organizing thoughts to create positive outcomes.

This new and creative session will include some insightful exercises and activities to build solid skills in focusing on the right things and prioritizing efficiently to help assistants stay at the top of their game. Focus and discipline are highly admired leadership traits and when we understand what parameters and criteria to put in place, we will strengthen our image within the organization.

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