All In!

Destination: All In!

team riding down snowy hill on inner tubes.

This session will encourage and motivate office support staff to renew their commitment to the team. Each person’s role on the team carries power and responsibility. Those who choose to be “all in” realize there is more to gain than lose. This session will recognize that elevating employee engagement, advancing leadership skills, and excelling in the role can positively impact all levels of the organization. The work environment is changing. It’s critical for employees to “lean in” to their career and to advance their skills while creating interactions that can benefit organizations and people.

Session outcomes include:

  • Identify and understand team roles and dynamics for the individual, team, and overall business success.
    • Participants will take part in an interactive group exercise focused on the difference “the power of one” can have on a team. Teamwork is about relationships, commitment, and accountability. Every contribution by each person matters. Why? Each contribution is part of something greater and when you don’t fully maximize your role on the team, there is a ripple effect. Are you playing your best strategic game, simply playing the game, or are you sitting on the bench?
  • Examine six strategies to foster deliberate decision-making to embrace, nurture, and own your career. These strategies will focus on what is needed to take the initiative and action towards continuous and ongoing development. The strategies relate to:
    • Desire
    • Attitude
    • Feeding Your Career
    • Nurturing Yourself on the Job
    • Teamwork
    • Commitment
  • Evaluate the benefits of navigating and interpreting individual and team roles to improve workplace relationships and build collaboration.

Attendees will take away career tools and strategies they can implement upon return to the workplace. The session will include the opportunity for discussion, critical thinking and enhancement of administrative core competencies.