Flip That Page! Admin to Admin Book Club

Open book

As educators, professional development trainers and avid continuous learners, Stacy and Lisa are always scouting for the next book that will give us new insights, career knowledge and motivation.

And, we want to share with youour friends, colleagues and connections! We have launched an online book club so we can join together and reap the collective benefits in the learning journey.

Every month, we select one book that we can all read. We will post questions and comments on our social media channels and invite all to do the same so the learning is expanded, shared and enjoyed. There will be book giveaways and special incentives to read, read, read!

There’s no club membership. No cost or obligation. All you need is a desire to read and grow within a community of dedicated and committed learners.

Who knows what we will discover when we Flip That Page!

Give and Take offers a great perspective on how helping others can drive your own success.  Author Adam Grant is a leading expert on helping individuals to find motivation and meaning to live a more fulfilling life..

Are you ready to Flip That Page with Admin to Admin? Get your copy of Give and Take and start reading. Go.

And stay tuned to Admin to Admin for our discussion post!