Programs We Offer

Our approach to training and professional development workshops is different.  At every Admin to Admin workshop you will think, write, reflect, and discuss.

Admin to Admin offers a broad spectrum of topics for assistants at every level. Customized workshops are also our expertise. Do you need a workshop on a specific topic?  Admin to Admin can help.

Here is a list of engaging and relevant topics we present:

Leadership Programs

  • Emotional Resilience – Taking EQ to the Next Level
  • Success Tools and Strategies for Today’s Top Assistant
  • Leading Without Authority
  • Leadership Influence:  How To Manage Up In Your Career
  • Leadership: It’s a Choice We Make Not a Place We Sit
  • 10 Strategies To Make Decisions with Confidence

Communications and Interpersonal Skills

  • Effective Communication Styles
  • Strategies for Managing Interruptions
  • How to Work with Difficult People
  • The Credibility Factor
  • Excellence Management
  • Diplomacy and Discretion: How to Maintain Your Integrity
  • Emotional Resilience:  Taking EQ to the Next Level


  • 10 Tech Tools for Today’s Assistant

Career Development

  • Destination:  All In
  • Take Time To SWOT So You Can Soar!
  • Let’s Get To Work and Become Indispensable!
  • Create a Vision and Goals for Your Career
  • Five Certifications to Consider Earning
  • Sharpening Your Time Management Skills
  • Becoming Your Boss’ Most Valuable Asset
  • The Myths and Truths of Work Life Balance
  • The Power of Professional Presence
  • 10 Keys To Staying at the Top of Your Game

Critical Thinking and Goal Setting

  • Critical Thinking: Thinking Like Leonardo da Vinci
  • Effective Goal Setting for Assistants
  • 7 Steps to Effective Problem Solving

Other Requested Topics

  • Admin to Admin in the Spotlight
    Q & A with Lisa and Stacy
  • The Mindset of a Mentor
  • Educational Resources for Assistants: Certifications and Technology Certificates
  • There Really is an I in Team! Teamwork That Works

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Contact us for more information or a summary of any of the above topics. We love talking with our clients about their individual administrative training needs.  Our programs can be modified for a half day or full day sessions.  Don’t miss the opportunity to bring our passion and commitment for the administrative professional career to your audience.