Programs We Offer

Programs We Offer

Our approach to training and professional development workshops is different.  At every Admin to Admin workshop you will think, write, reflect, and discuss.

Admin to Admin offers a broad spectrum of topics for assistants at every level. Customized workshops are also our expertise. Do you need a workshop on a specific topic?  Admin to Admin can help.

Here is a list of engaging and relevant topics we present:

Leadership Programs

  • Emotional Resilience – Taking EQ to the Next Level
  • Success Tools and Strategies for Today’s Top Assistant
  • Leading Without Authority
  • Leadership Influence:  How To Manage Up In Your Career
  • Leadership: It’s a Choice We Make Not a Place We Sit
  • 10 Strategies To Make Decisions with Confidence

Communications and Interpersonal Skills

  • Effective Communication Styles
  • Strategies for Managing Interruptions
  • How to Work with Difficult People
  • The Credibility Factor
  • Excellence Management
  • Diplomacy and Discretion: How to Maintain Your Integrity
  • Emotional Resilience:  Taking EQ to the Next Level


  • 10 Tech Tools for Today’s Assistant

Career Development

  • Destination:  All In
  • Take Time To SWOT So You Can Soar!
  • Let’s Get To Work and Become Indispensable!
  • Create a Vision and Goals for Your Career
  • Five Certifications to Consider Earning
  • Sharpening Your Time Management Skills
  • Becoming Your Boss’ Most Valuable Asset
  • The Myths and Truths of Work Life Balance
  • The Power of Professional Presence
  • 10 Keys To Staying at the Top of Your Game

Critical Thinking and Goal Setting

  • Critical Thinking: Thinking Like Leonardo da Vinci
  • Effective Goal Setting for Assistants
  • 7 Steps to Effective Problem Solving

Other Requested Topics

  • Admin to Admin in the Spotlight
    Q & A with Lisa and Stacy
  • The Mindset of a Mentor
  • Educational Resources for Assistants: Certifications and Technology Certificates
  • There Really is an I in Team! Teamwork That Works

Laptop and cup of hot coffee

Stay on track with your career.
Join us at an Admin to Admin event.

Contact us for more information or a summary of any of the above topics. We love talking with our clients about their individual administrative training needs.  Our programs can be modified for a half day or full day sessions.  Don’t miss the opportunity to bring our passion and commitment for the administrative professional career to your audience.

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