Building Blocks of the Executive Assistant Career

It’s often a good practice to step back and out of the day-to-day clutter of a busy career to regain perspective. This webinar will focus on the basic foundational skills and qualities that are essential to being successful as an administrative professional. We will break them down as we get back to basics and discuss the often misunderstood and overlooked attributes that are the building blocks of confidence and credibility.

  • What is at the foundation of building a solid career as an administrative professional?
  • Discover the benefit of stepping back and evaluating how the basics are being implemented in your daily worklife.
  • Take a short personal assessment on your understanding of the building blocks and how you are currently implementing them.
  • Understand how to alleviate doubt and lean into the basics of being a successful administrative professional.


Please act quickly.  Attendance is limited to 45 people.

Cancellation Policy
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Exclusive Extras
  • 60-minute live educational session.
  • All attendees will receive a handout.
  • Bonus: Q & A with Lisa and Stacy.
  • Ongoing education and conversation during the event.