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Communication is more art than skill. What we say, how we say it, when we say it and to whom we say it and our awareness of the proper context are essential and critical components for practicing full strategic communication. If we want to build credibility and have influential impact, it’s important to be deliberate and develop a clear and effective voice.

The focus will be on strategies and best practices to improve communication awareness.
  • Understand the keys to communication context awareness.
  • Learn the power and effectiveness of simplicity and concise communication.
  • Discover the art of customizing communication to the situation.
  • Five rules for building communication alignment with your manager.
  • Strategies for being comfortable with uncomfortable conversations.
  • Learn to identify the 3 communication signals and how to respond to them effectively.
  • Implement 5 strategies for influential impact.


Please act quickly.  Attendance is limited to 45 people.

Cancellation Policy
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Exclusive Extras
  • 60-minute live educational session.
  • All attendees will receive a handout.
  • Bonus: Q & A with Lisa and Stacy.
  • Ongoing education and conversation during the event.