Goal Post
Take a moment to fast-forward 30-days, 6-months, or 1-year. What do you see as your destination?

Perhaps, you envision a promotion at work, a new job, a new learned skill, a new purchase, or going back to school to earn a degree. Envisioning and dreaming about the destination is the easy part, it’s doing the work to get to the destination that will set you up to win and achieve your goals. Don’t miss the opportunity to gain tips and insights from Lisa Olsen and Stacy Leitner as they help you identify the steps you need to take to arrive at your next destination.

Learning outcomes include:
  • Learn the importance of identifying your destination so you can set and achieve your goals.
  • Discover how to identify the steps you need to take to arrive at your next destination and how to break them down to ensure your progress towards success.
  • Recognize the pitfalls you may encounter that can be detours or dead ends to your success.
  • Examine ways to stay motivated and focused on your goals.


Please act quickly.  Attendance is limited to 45 people.

Cancellation Policy
Please email us if you need to cancel.

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Exclusive Extras
  • 60-minute live educational session.
  • All attendees will receive a handout.
  • Bonus: Q & A with Lisa and Stacy.
  • Ongoing education and conversation during the event.
  • Free resources and connecting with other like-minded Admins.