Every month at Admin to Admin, Lisa and Stacy select a book they feel their community of readers will benefit from reading. Throughout the month, they encourage their readers to:

  1. Flip the pages and read along
  2. Register for the free monthly 1-hour Flip That Page book discussion held via Zoom

For those with a desire of lifelong learning and self-improvement, you won’t want to miss reading along this month and joining a brilliant online conversation led by Lisa and Stacy about the nuggets of wisdom shared in this month’s reading. This dynamic duo is sure to motivate you. With 25+ combined years of college teaching experience, Lisa and Stacy have been helping and inspiring learners to take the necessary steps to achieve their goals, and they want to help you too!

Science tells us that there are many benefits to reading. Reading is great for a growth mindset. Books matter. Your career matters! So, start flippin’ the pages and join the Flip That Page Book Club to reap the collective benefits in the learning journey.

And…to keep you motivated throughout the month, Lisa and Stacy will share insights from what we learn from our reading on our Admin to Admin Facebook page, and we invite you to do the same so the learning is expanded, shared and enjoyed. So, let’s get reading!

There’s no club membership. No cost or obligation. All you need is a desire to read and grow within a community of dedicated and committed learners.

We invite you to join us for a brilliant conversation!