Career and Academic Coaching

Our Career and Academic Coaching Programs offer the opportunity to partner with a coach to accelerate the learning process and achieve positive results. Our Career Coaching Program is specifically designed for individuals who are currently pursuing or are currently working in an administrative support role such as executive assistant, office manager, administrative assistant and so on. Our Academic Coaching Program offers high school and college students strategies, tips, techniques, and accountability to navigate their educational journey with confidence and success.

Coaching can have a profound impact on your life, and your growth is worth the extra effort. Whether you are at the beginning or end of your career or educational journey, coaching has something to offer you. 

Our one-on-one coaching sessions are held via Zoom, and they are easy to schedule. Let’s connect and talk about where you are and where you want to go. Below is a snapshot of how we are helping individuals.

Career Coaching

  • Identifying personal and career growth development opportunities
  • Preparing for a new job
  • Discovering strategies for calendar management, productivity, time management, and managing interruptions
  • Goal-setting and creating SMART goals
  • Using techniques for self-management and protecting personal wellness
  • Building a stronger partnership with your executive or manager
  • Learning strategies for supervising others and leading a team
  • Preparing for your performance review

Academic Coaching

  • Gaining insights to understand the learning style(s) that work best for you
  • Discovering strategies for time management, organization, managing interruptions, avoiding procrastination, and eliminating timewasters
  • Offering accountability and motivation to students
  • Learning how to build a positive relationship with classmates and teachers
  • Utilizing weekly “meet ups” for weekly planning to prioritize commitments
  • Learning strategies to manage stress and improve personal wellness
  • Goal-setting and creating SMART goals
    **Academic Coaching is most effective when the student and coach meet weekly. Shorter sessions are available, if desired.

Every journey has a starting point.
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Join Stacy Leitner off-campus for virtual coaching.

1 session
25 Minutes


1x 25-minute Virtual Discovery Session

1 session
45 Minutes


1x 45-minute Virtual Coaching Session

3 sessions
45 Minutes


3x 45-minute Virtual Coaching Session

5 sessions
45 Minutes


5x 45-minute Virtual Coaching Session